End of the School Year....hurry up already!

The end of the school year is almost here in Tucson. Facebook is filled with teacher memes right now about it. Teachers are over our kids, our kids are over their teachers and parents everywhere are over making lunches, school drop offs/pick ups, homework and the list goes on. My kids uniforms have seen better days and shoes are on the brink of destruction, but who want's to buy a new pair right before school is out. I turn into Tim Gunn from Project Runway and tell them to "make it work!"

If your feeling the end of the year feels, you are not alone. It's a lot! Is there anything we can do to make it a little more seamless, a little less exhausting for everyone and dare I say fun? Maybe?

  1. Start Saying No. Exercising the power of no is very liberating. No, I won't be able to drive on this field trip. No, we can't make that party. If you are the parent who always says yes then cut yourself some slack.
  2. Do something for yourself. Go to yoga, meet a friend for coffee or read a book or watch a show for an hour. 1 hour out of a 24 hour day isn't going to implode your world.
  3. Take out/drive through is your friend. Sure it's not an ideal long term solution but this is about making things easier on yourself and no one will call the cops on you if cereal is for dinner.
  4. Be kind. Be kind to yourself, your kids, the teachers. Smile and have a little gratitude for this time of your life, it won't always be so crazy.
  5. Thank a teacher. They spend more time with our kids Monday-Friday then we do. They are responsible for so much and give time and talent and even their own money to their classrooms.

Hang in there parents in about 5 weeks from now you will be wishing for school to start again so you can get your kids out of your hair.

*Sheila K disclaimer- find a typo, let me know!


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