Schools Out for Summer....sing it!

Schools out for Summer by Alice Cooper is the anthem as we head into the next 8-10 weeks of zero school. Yay or nay, it depends on who you ask.

As a working parent finding all day camps and activities is a full time job in of itself and it's expensive when you add multiple kids to the mix but there are some affordable options. Even if you are a stay at home parent by week two, you want the kids out of the house. I have friends who start scheduling in March. I know I'm late to the party and many camps are full but there are still slots out there and people cancel..the wait list is my friend.

  1. YMCA offer many camps and activities
  2. Bear Essential News has an entire list of Summer Camps all over Tucson covering all areas of interest.
  3. Parks and Rec.
  4. Pima for Kids has classes and camps even for teens.
  5. There are several camps held at the University of Arizona. Different colleges put them on and so does the campus rec. center

Happy scheduling parents!


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