Urban Outfitters Now Has A Pizza Heating Pad Made For Period Cramps

I've never wanted something so much in my life.

For all the strong women that have experienced periods... this was literally made for you. So if you're feeling like total crap during your time of the month, Urban Outfitters is going to help you get through it with aHuggable Pizza Heating + Cooling Padthat is perfect for cramps. So why?

One of the most popular complaints during a period is deep, strong lower abdominal cramps. For the guys that don't know... A period cramp feels like a stomach ache mixed with a pulled muscle. It's very painful. Let's be honest... you could get a cheap run-of-the-mill heating pad... but is it shaped like PIZZA? Probably not...

It's goes for $29 and you can buy it here!



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