8-Year-Old Carried His Disabled Younger Brother Through An Entire Triathlon


When you think of an 8-year-old, you think of an adventurous, outspoken, loud child. I am sure the word Hero doesn’t even come to mind. This story, will change your perspective on this incredible 8-year-old.

Meet Noah Aldrich. A 8-year-old boy from Idaho. When he heard about a youth triathlon in his area, he immediately wanted to do it with his little brother. But the extraordinary thing is Noah’s little brother Lucas, six, was born with lissencephaly – a rare brain disorder that means he will never walk, talk, or eat on his own.

On July 12, the brothers took part in a 200-metre swim, three-mile bike ride and one mile run, with Noah carrying little Lucas in the sweltering heat the entire time.

What an incredible older brother. Although Lucas couldn’t say anything, he had a smile on his face the entire time. He knew he was apart of something very special. HERO? I think yes!

Content Source: Buzznick.com / Photos: Buzznick.com

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